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Nancy Valentine, Program Coordinator, Lowe House Project

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Continuing a 50-year tradition of Tubac: Where Art and History Meet!

In its fifth year, the Lowe House Project continues fostering a tradition of housing and inspiring artists in the Historic Lowe House.

Hans & Marion Valentine
Hans and Marion Valentine, Lowe House Artist in Residence 1965-1984.

Perhaps it is because the historic adobe building holds the creative spirit of those intrepid individuals who have come before. Or perhaps continuous, dedicated stewardship makes this special place a safe and supportive environment for those craving to express what they are compelled to say.

The why perhaps isn’t as important as the how… in the now.

The Lowe House Project today is the dynamic culmination of the endeavors of individuals who find themselves here and engaged in exploring some inexplicable yet well-defined sense of purpose.

Nancy Valentine with Mom's Painting
Nancy Valentine shows mother Marion’s wax resist work, Cardinals.

The answer is revealed in the work that is produced, the relationships that are developed and the discoveries that are made.

Whether a professional artist or someone wanting to just play and dabble in the discovery, the Lowe House Project welcomes you to this center for creative exploration and community expression.

We look forward to your joining us in making your contribution to the continuum!

Nancy Valentine
Program Coordinator